Antifa Militia Gears Up For Armed Warfare

The People’s Revolutionary Defense Coalition is one of many new extreme-left militias that have popped up in the wake of President Donald Trump’s victory and has on more than one occasion bragged about its readiness for an armed insurrection.

Moreover, a leader tied to the group has been calling upon elected officials to be doxed and threatened at their homes.

The St. Louis-based Antifa group is a self-described “militant leftist organization dedicated to armed self-defense”—a coalition of communists and anarchists who seek to answer President Trump’s governance with violence.

The PRDC’s first mission statement involves “[m]ilitantly defending the community from oppressive state, fascist and/or white supremacist forces,” followed up with “direct action countering injustice and harassment of at risk communities by the state and/or fascist and white supremacist entities.”

The organization also pledges to “[put] our bodies in front of threats to our community so that others can continue to be heard and contribute to revolutionary activities better suited to each individuals’ abilities.”

As Far Left Watch first discovered on Friday, the organization posts pictures of its firearms training and paramilitary combat training. The PRDC has both Twitter and Facebook pages, both of which are currently active.

The group is also running a GoFundMe-style campaign for “[s]ecuring spaces for unarmed self defense classes, many geared towards femme folk, LGBTQIA+ community and other marginalized groups who are often victims of state and reactionary violence” on FundedJustice, a crowdfunding platform designed to help raise funds for legal issues.

As if that isn’t telling enough of the group’s agenda, an organizer seemingly tied to the PRDC has called upon his cohorts to take up arms in the name of preserving Net Neutrality. Posting under the handle of @jackherer2, the organizer instructed his cohorts to “dox your local government official that supported repealing #netneutrality and show up black bloc at their house.”



The user, whose Twitter bio reads “We will continue to break the law and destroy property until we win. @prdcstl”, referencing the PRDC’s official account, calls for the deaths of police, federal agents and the popular Trump supporter, Sheriff Clarke.





As noted by Far Left Watch, the pseudonymous user supports the mass killings ordered by China’s former chairman, Mao Zedong, as well as the destruction of Israel.

In various tweets, “Captain Howdy” also called for the assassination of President Trump’s family—or for them to be “Romanov’d,” in reference to the murders of Russia’s Tsar, his wife, and children by  Bolshevik revolutionaries. However, that tweet was removed following a report.

The majority of the account’s tweets are provocations for violence and support for a violent group—clear infringements of Twitter’s rules. Despite reports, the platform has yet to ban it, or the PRDC’s account.


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