A SELF-PROCLAIMED “blood witch” has vowed to break the stigma over periods – by smearing menstruation over her face.

Former hairdresser Yazmina Jade, 26, collected blood from her period and painted it on her skin as a “sacred ritual to reconnect with my body”.

 A 'sacred ritual': Yazmina Jade claims she's breaking the stigma over periods by painting her own menstural blood onto her face
A ‘sacred ritual’: Yazmina Jade claims she’s breaking the stigma over periods by painting her own menstural blood onto her face

What heart or mind is changed by menstruating in a cup and giving yourself a facial? Also, why?

Yazmina Jade is a self-proclaimed blood witch and spirit healer who’s dedicated to ‘reclaiming the Feminine through embodiment and sisterhood.’ A few days ago Yazmina chose to apply her own menstrual blood to her face, as a way to connect with her own body.

‘We have shamed ourselves as women for bleeding, men have placed this taboo on us for bleeding. It’s a time to reclaim our power through reclaiming that which comes naturally for us.. It’s a blessing.’

As a way to reclaim the power of menstruation, Yazmina now does a ritual each month, which involves connecting with her womb while she bleeds, using a menstrual cup so she can see her own blood, and then using her menstrual fluid in her garden or applying it to her face so she can learn a greater love and respect for her body.

Now, the feminine healer, based in the Gold Coast, Australia, has released footage of her ceremony in a quest to prove the menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed of.

And she’s hit back at haters accusing her of being “sick” and “mental” on social media – claiming she’s never felt better than after her defiant menstrual show.

Yazmina said: “This was a sacred ritual to reconnect with my body. As women, we’re deeply disconnected with our bodies because of societal shame.

“I decided to place the blood all over my face, and taste it to reclaim that part of myself. I could truly embody all that I was.

In the past, you could chalk this up to one single crazy person. But leftists are obsessed with the red river lately. Just because… reasons? Patriarchy? Low on web traffic that time of month? Are they closeted vampires?

I consider myself an open-minded guy. I’ll buy you chocolate. I’ll let you yell at me for no reason five days out of the month. I’ll even go on a Target run because I got confused when you said “red dot special.”

Just don’t expect me to not mock you for playing with Aunt Flo when she comes to visit.

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