Bob Dole, WWII Vet, In Wheelchair -- Didn't Stop Him When The National Anthem Played

Former Senator Bob Dole was honored at the US Capitol today, and he sent the NFL a strong message whether he knew it or not.

The Senator, The World War II veteran, and former presidential candidate accepted the Congressional Gold Medal in a ceremony that included Republican and Democrat leadership, the President and the Vice President.

The former Senator from Kansas was honored for being particularly instrumental in the commissioning of the World War II Veterans Memorial.

bob dole

bob dole

Dole, who is 94 years old, can no longer walk and remained in his wheelchair for the majority of the ceremony. However, when the color guard walked in carrying the American flag and the flags of the Armed Forces, Dole can be seen on camera waving for an aide. A young man jumped up and helped pull Dole upright, so that he could be standing during the honoring of the American flag.

bob dole

Former Sen. John Warner of Virginia, exiting a Senate elevator on his way to the Rotunda on Wednesday, said of Dole: “He was a hell of a leader. For all of the meaning of the medal he’s getting today, the Purple Heart is the one he really cherishes.”

Dole loves tanning in the sun, often saying some of his best thinking was done on a West-facing terrace off the majority leader’s office in the Capitol. Now named for him, the Robert J. Dole Memorial Balcony was covered in a frosty snow down the hall from Wednesday’s celebration in the Rotunda.

Dole, 94, was the only former GOP nominee to support Trump’s bid for the White House. At the time, the Trump campaign sent out a press release on the “special bond” Dole and Trump had formed.

Others who have earned the prestigious award include George Washington, Rosa Parks and Frank Sinatra.


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