Pelosi: GOP Continuing Resolution ‘a Bowl of Doggie Doo’ With a ‘Cherry on Top’

Thursday at her weekly briefing on Capitol Hill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Republicans’ continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown was a “a bowl of doggie doo” with a “cherry on top.”

Pelosi said, “This is like giving you a bowl of doggie doo, put a cherry on top and call it a chocolate sundae. This is nothing.”

Addressing the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and community health centers, she added, “They could have easily put all this in this bill. Why didn’t they? Because they want to spend their money on tax cuts instead of investments in the health and well being of our children and their families.”

Throughout the press conference, Pelosi bashed the Republican spending efforts ahead of the Friday deadline.

“It’s really almost like an amateur hour … because this should have been done.” Pelosi said, noting this is would be the fourth continuing resolution in the past year.

Republicans are currently proposing a continuing resolution that extends government funding until Feb. 16, with the House set to vote on it Thursday night. Democrats have largely signaled opposition to the bill.

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