Booker Goes Off The Rails: Cory Compares DHS Secretary to NAZIS, Trump to Hitler

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) continued his non-stop uproar against President Donald Trump’s “tough talk” on immigration reform on Friday, breathlessly insisting DHS Secretary Nielsen was enabling Trump’s “racism,” adding “we know what happened in Europe” when leaders acted this way.

When Nielsen appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Booker lit into her for claiming in earlier testimony that she did not recall President Donald Trump referring to African nations as “s—hole” countries in an Oval Office meeting last week.

Booker said he had “tears of rage” over the comments and called her testimony “unacceptable.” The remarks went viral, although critics on the right suggested Booker was performing for the cameras and the Republican National Committee hit Booker for “mansplaining” to Nielsen.

Booker was speaking with “The Breakfast Club” radio program when he was asked to comment on his recent rant against Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, where he “cried tears of rage” and labeled the DHS boss as “complicit” in Trump’s “racism.”

“People who stood by and did nothing when they hear bigotry are complicit in that bigotry. We know this from history and we know this from recent experiences in our communities, and it’s outrageous to see it in the highest office in the land,” said Booker.

“I don’t care who you are […] If you come after Jews, if you come after Muslims, if you come after Haitians, El Salvadorians, come after my fellow American citizens, I will not tolerate it,” he added.

“She should be the same way as opposed to just doing her job. We know what happened in Europe when people just did their jobs,” said the Senator.

Listen to Booker’s outrageous comments below.

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