An intense clash broke out in front of the club venue in Midtown Manhattan that hosted Mike Cernovich’s right-of-center party celebrating Trump’s one-year anniversary as the U.S. President after a black-clad Antifa member reportedly assaulted a partygoer.

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The victim, a 56-year-old Trump supporter, was reportedly choked and punched in the head. He immediately collapsed.

“I saw him hit the old man,” said witness Ali Thomas, to the New York Daily News. “One hit. He swung hard. He hit him hard. The old man’s head hit the curb.”

An emergency caller initially believed that the man had suffered a cardiac arrest following the assault, according to fire officials who spoke to the Daily News. He was taken to a hospital and is currently in stable condition.

Police at the scene arrested 30-year-old David Campbell of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, charging him with multiple felonies. Campbell allegedly assaulted police officers during their attempts to subdue him.

Campbell has been charged with multiple counts of assault, strangulation, criminal possession of a weapon, assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, and loitering.

Two other individuals were also injured in the brawl, both of whom were taken to hospital. Their involvement in the fight and their political affiliations were not reported.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe was surrounded by Antifa members who bypassed police barricades set up to prevent violence and trapped him for ten minutes before police managed to escort him to safety.

Following the vicious attack, Cernovich emerged from the party to denounce the Antifa protesters.

“These guys are fucking terrorists,” Cernovich said.

The Night for Freedom event also saw the arrival of Chelsea Manning, the transgender former Army private convicted of treason. On Twitter, Manning falsely claimed to have “crashed the fascist/white supremacist hate brigade party.”

However, partygoers have all noted that Manning was welcomed with open arms and treated with dignity.

These claims were backed up by Charlie Warzel, a BuzzFeed reporter who was at the gala.

For more videos, and the full story of the night see: AntiFa Crashes Conservative “Night For Freedom” in New York City (VIDEO)

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