Rosie O’Donnell

The former talk show host turned liberal analyst got a big dose of backlash on Twitter after noting how Senator Patty Murray was always frowning.

Rosie was swiftly on the receiving end of much lib-splaining about micro-aggressions.

O’Donnell, famous for her long-running feud with President Donald Trump, quickly had her privilege checked by her own audience of rabid feminists furious over the presumption that woman must smile.


Publications, such as the Atlantic, have posted detailed articles chronicling the torment feminists say they feel when being told they should smile more, even asking their readers to “…share your own story and reflections” via Twitter. One woman complained:

“I work in a male-dominated environment with a high percentage of former military. About once a month I encounter some dummy in the hallway who says “Smile!”—always a man, and most of the time far below me in station.

Ugh! I don’t have to smile; I’m at work. I have a lot of stuff to do!”

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The faux pas from O’Donnell prompted the feminist community to respond unfavorably to the former K-Mart spokeswoman.


Rosie O’Donnell answered by acknowledging she had “no idea” that Murray, the Democratic Party’s third-ranking member of the Senate, was even a senator.

Then, O’Donnell scampered to make amends with the Left, and alleged she donated to Senator Murray as an act of contrition. O’Donnell then posted a series of tweets claiming she donated to other female members of Congress.

Rosie O’Donnell’s band of feminist followers also sent her instructional videos for re-education on the sexist nature of questioning the gloomy disposition of woman.

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Go ahead, Rosie. Share your big smile with the entire world.

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