Huge development in Mueller investigation, and it leads straight to Trump

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has requested to question President Donald Trump for his probe into Russian election interference and alleged collusion.

It appears it actually has nothing to do with “Russia” but rather obstruction charges.

The report said that Mueller wants to question Trump about his decision to fire James Comey from his position as FBI Director, and also the circumstances surrounding former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s exit from the White House.

The president’s lawyers are negotiating with the Mueller team about the conditions of his interview with the special counsel, according to the report, and proposed that some of the answers be provided in written form.

The Department of Justice confirmed Tuesday another report that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interviewed for several hours by Mueller’s team. This would mark the first time the investigation has interviewed a member of Trump’s cabinet.

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“You’re fired”

separate report from Axios claimed that Trump was demanding that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe be fired, but his own appointed FBI Director objected so much that he threatened to resign over the matter.

Do Americans care about this?

CNN poll says that the majority of Americans say Trump should testify under oath if asked by Mueller to do so. According to the poll, 78 percent of Americans says Trump should testify if asked, and only 18 percent said he should not.

Also according to CNN polls, Hillary Clinton should be our president. So there is that.

Here’s a video about the development on CNN:

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and his allies have been accusing the FBI and the Department of Justice of bias against the president stemming from evidence garnered in FBI official Peter Strzok’s texts.

When will this witch hunt end?

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