A new Rasmussen poll notes that a majority of 49 percent of those polled want a special prosecutor to investigate the beleaguered FBI, while only 31 percent do not. Another 19 percent are on the fence.

According to this poll, the public vehemently objects with James Comey, the downtrodden former FBI Director who has used his Twitter account to call for an “independent” FBI, which presumably means an FBI that is never criticized or investigated by the American people’s chosen representatives in Congress–a frightening thought by way of a banana republic attitude.

Thankfully, notwithstanding the best efforts of Deep Staters like Comey and the infected American media, the public is paying close attention to the story and is very suspicious of an agency that appears to have been highly politicized during Comey’s tenure.

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About a year after President Donald Trump fired Comey, we now know that Comey’s tenure produced the kind of partisan behavior that mirrors the secret police, including the indefensible exoneration of Hillary Clinton over her email scandal, a “secret society” to bring down President Trump, an “insurance plan” should Trump win the election, and a partnership with the Clinton campaign to fund a discredited dossier that was used to justify the FISA warrants so the Obama administration could spy on the Trump campaign.

Worse still, as we have just learned, the FBI has somehow managed to disappear five crucial months’ worth of texts between Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, two top FBI officials directly involved in Hillary Clinton’s exoneration, the Russian dossier, the phony collusion investigation, the “secret society,” and the “insurance policy.”

The media’s best efforts to ignore and downplay the FBI’s inexcusable and extra-legal behavior is, thankfully, not working. Thanks to alternative media, the public knows the truth and wants something done.

The issue of a special prosecutor looking into the FBI is not even as partisan as one might imagine.

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While 62 percent of Republicans want the FBI investigated, a 49 percent plurality of unaffiliated voters agree. Democrats are almost equally divided on the issue, with 38 percent wanting an investigation, and only 40 percent saying no. A percentage of 22 percent of Democrats are on the fence.

As far as those missing text messages, only 31 percent believe the FBI’s explanation that it was an honest mistake. A solid majority of 58 percent believe the FBI is hiding something, that “it is likely that the FBI or the agent in question destroyed those messages to hide something from investigators.”

On the issue of James Comey and his FBI cronies letting Hillary Clinton off scot-free, 64 percent of all voters believe “Clinton is likely to have broken the law by sending and receiving e-mails containing classified information through a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of State.”

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That data point also points to the depletion of trust the public has for the FBI. Fourteen months ago, only 53 percent disagreed with the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Clinton. 

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