“I Love Trump,” Ugandan President Praises Trump at Opening Assembly for His Frankness on Africa (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, the leader of one African nation rocked the mainstream media’s narrative about the continent of Africa being up in arms about President Donald Trump’s “s***hole” remark.

Speaking to a group of lawmakers at the East African Legislative Assembly, Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni came to President Trump’s defense over his recent comments.

“America has got one of the best presidents ever. Mr. Trump. I love Trump,” Museveni said, The Washington Post reports. “I love Trump because he talks to Africans frankly. I don’t know if he’s misquoted or whatever, but when he speaks I like him because he speaks frankly.”

“It is the fault of the Africans that they are weak. They have this huge continent,” Museveni continued. “If you look at Africa, Africa is 12 times the size of India, in terms of land area, lots of resources, and the population is growing now. Why can’t we make Africa strong?”

Museveni made the comments at the opening session of the East African Assembly.

The comments sparked a backlash both domestically and abroad. A group of African ambassadors called Trump’s comments “outrageous, racist and xenophobic” and demanded an apology.

Museveni, however, remains a huge Trump fan.


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