Mother, boyfriend arrested after alleged sexual assault of toddler
Mother, boyfriend arrested after alleged sexual assault of toddler

This is outrageously evil. A story comes along every now and then that is really hard to write. This is that story. You’ll know what I am talking about as you read.

Last week, a young Worcester Massachusetts man was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a two-year-old girl; a woman who was alleged to be the girl’s mother allegedly watched and took photographs; she was also arrested. (‘Alleged’ is there so we don’t get sued)

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Joshua D. Rezsnyak, 24, had been spotted by a witness, according to Assistant District Attorney Lina Pashou; the witness saw Rezsnyak allegedly performing a sexual act with the toddler inside a maroon Ford Explorer parked outside the Worcester Walmart store on January 18. The witness also informed police that Mary Magdelene McForbes, 26, was taking pictures. Rezsnyakand McForbes’ listed addresses are both at 53 Perry Avenue in Worcester.

Pashou stated that the little girl had abrasions consistent with penetration, according to a sexual assault nurse examiner.

According to Boston 25, McForbes is the girl’s mother and Rezsnyak is her boyfriend. A neighbor of McForbes, Mary Lee Rosa, stated, “She doesn’t let them come out. Never seen them outside in the summer, never seen them come out the house. She’s a little girl, half the time I see her, she is always crying.”

The Department of Children and Families reported that they “received a report and took emergency custody of the children in this matter.”

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McForbes was arrested in 2011 for assault and battery for allegedly head-butting her sister, but the case was dismissed because her sister chose not to testify.


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