Ted Cruz Blasts Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Elitism

Fancy Nancy Pelosi and Debbie “Downer” Wasserman Schultz held a “town hall” meeting to bemoan about Americans getting a $1,000 bonus from their employers. Most people are adapting to reality nicely, as having more money always is nice (see Democrats Double Down: $1,000 Is ‘Crumbs’ For The Middle Class and Republican Surge: Gain 13 Points on Democrats in One Month in Latest Polling Citing Tax Cut). The Democrat Party brain trust, however, thinks the real problem is not enough class warfare. Not too mention the more money you give people back, of their own money, the less likely they are to be on welfare, and the Democrats want none of that.

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Something that Senator Ted Cruz isn’t going to let them forget. You shouldn’t either.

Before we get to exactly what Ted Cruz had to say, Debbie once asked people to share how an extra $40 per paycheck was helpful. As they say, life comes at you fast.

So that’s who the Democrats are.

From the article Cruz shared:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi repeated her complaint that it was just a “crumb,” and that corporate “fat cats” will get so much more.

And the former Democratic Party chief Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz dismissed $1,000 bonuses as chump change which won’t be worth much when taxed.

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The Democrat Party is so out of touch when it comes to middle-class America, and to tax cuts, the government should fund a study. And who the hell still uses the phrase “fat cats”? Maybe Fancy Nancy Pelosi had the skin on her forehead pulled too tight, causing her brain’s software to glitch. She thinks it’s 1952.

Sure, $1,000 wouldn’t cover a week’s worth of botox. A $1,000 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus will get you replacement buttons for your Prada purse. $1,000 would just cover the tip at the most expensive DC restaurants.

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But to everyday Americans, $1,000 is treating your family to a vacation. It’s a year’s worth of sports and dance lessons. It’s monthly family dinners. A few months of a car payment. A mortgage payment. Etcetera.

Food. Gas. Bills. Hell, it’s an extra $1,000 you can lay around the house. Or cash it into golden dollar coins, then throw it in a bathtub ala Scrooge McDuck. You gotta do you, boo. Because it’s $1,000. Democrats want to convince you getting a bonus from your employer is a bad thing. They’re making 2018 about it.

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I’ll take that fight. I’ll also take an extra $1,000. It is a lot of money Nancy, and Debbie. To a lot of Americans, it will help. What have you done lately to help us besides obstruct?

H/T LouderWithCrowder

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