The House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines Thursday to officially end its months-long investigation into Russian election interference; clearing a key hurdle in releasing its 250-page report to the American people.

According to those familiar with the documents; the report claims the committee found no evidence the Trump campaign or his senior associates colluded with any foreign officials throughout the 2016 race for the White House.

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The Committee will publish its report once cleared by the intelligence community to ensure the material doesn’t include classified or sensitive material.

The panel also concludes that while there was no evidence of collusion, Russia was involved in sowing disagreement and chaos throughout the election cycle; using social media and other technology platforms to manipulate American voters.

Ranking Democrat on the Committee Rep. Adam Schiff blasted the move to shut down the investigation, saying Republicans “fail to see anything but innocent happenstance in these events.”

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The findings come as new questions emerge over the staggering amount of leaks that plagued the House’s Russia investigation; including reports the leakers may have “endangered national security.”

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“The committee’s findings revealed that classified leaks alleging the Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia dramatically increased after the election and some of those leaks ‘correlate to specific language found in the Intelligence Community Assessment,’ which had not been released at that time,” writes Sara Carter.

H/T The Hill

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