Prominent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill slammed Hillary Clinton during a fiery interview over the weekend, telling the former presidential nominee to “respect” those that voted for President Trump in the 2016 race for the White House.

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McCaskill was speaking with MSNBC when she was asked to weigh-in on Clinton’s recent comments; where she claimed “white women” voted for Donald Trump because they were pressured to by their “husbands, bosses, and sons.”

“You have to have some respect for the voters here. I don’t like how Donald Trump behaves… but I’m also very respectful of the voters,” said the liberal lawmaker.

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“There is an ad from your opponent, Josh Hawley, that features the words of Hillary Clinton, who you, of course, endorsed in 2016. He says ‘if you look at the map of United States, that’s all the red in the middle where Trump won.’ He’s quoting Hillary Clinton who also said, ‘so, I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, and moving forward.’ Were these comments from Hillary Clinton helpful to you?” asked the reporter.

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“Probably not,” McCaskill fired-back. “It felt like she was criticizing Missouri voters. I would draw a line there. There are a lot of reasons they voted for Donald Trump.”

H/T Washington Free Beacon

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