Hollywood liberals should pay attention. The openly pro-Trump Roseanne reboot is already a smashing success. The show premiered Tuesday to a huge audience. It’s already being called “the highest-rated sitcom in recent memory.”

ABC hasn’t had such a huge hit on its hands for years. The network hasn’t been overtly political, but most of its programming was decidedly anti-Trump. Late night host Jimmy Fallon bases his whole shtick on mocking the president.

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Roseanne resonated because its title character, like actress Roseanne Barr herself, is a proud Trump supporter.

“If you deliver a show that connects with audiences, people will come,” ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey said. “Every time people say broadcast is dead, something like this happens and shows everyone that there’s a real power in that reach of broadcast in connecting with a wide audience.”

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Still, even industry insiders are surprised at Roseanne’s success. A lot of people thought that its blatant political tone would be off-putting. In fact, it’s refreshing. Most of the content Hollywood churns out disrespects President Trump. Conservatives are portrayed as buffoons.

“Part of it is, yes certainly if there is a show that was beloved like ‘Roseanne’ was, there is a certain appetite from the audience to come back and reconnect with that family and check in with them how many years later,” Dungey said.

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“But in order for a reboot to be done successfully, I think there needs to be a reason for it to exist. The time is really right, especially what’s going on in our country right now, to bring ‘Roseanne’ back. I think that’s part of why it resonated so much with audiences.”

The time is ripe for a real American family to be shown on TV. And despite what the left wants you to believe, the average American household is a Trump supporting one.

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