Iconic television actress Roseanne Barr unloaded on a political reporter this weekend; slamming the journalist after he accused ABC staffers of feeling “uncomfortable” with her show’s “racist working-class family.”

The actress was fuming after a recent article published in Elle Magazine viciously attacked her smash-hit for “ignoring” the “very real racism” seen throughout the nation.

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@ELLEmagazine has my take on the Roseanne reboot: The New Roseanne Ignores The Very Real Racism of Many White Working-Class Families,” tweeted the reporter.

“In the wake of my Roseanne article I’ve been contacted by multiple people at ABC who’ve told me there’s a real discomfort among many of the employees with the propagandist nature of the reboot and a feeling that the project is meant to monetize Trump’s base,” he added.

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Roseanne immediately fired-back, blasting the reporter’s baseless allegations and asking which specific episode made ABC staffers “uncomfortable.”

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“oh, really? which episode r they uncomfortable about? the one where we get a dog or my mom gets a boyfriend or I drive for uber or darlene gets a new job or david comes back? which ones monetize trump’s base?” she tweeted.

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