Stormy Daniels and her legal team wanted to depose President Trump. On Thursday the brazen request was denied by a California judge.

Daniels and Michael Avenatti, her attorney, asked to question Trump for two hours. She wants the president to speak about their alleged affair. She’s suing to dissolve a nondisclosure agreement she signed with Trump’s personal lawyer in 2016.

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The judge claimed Daniels’ request was premature.

“This is just a procedural ruling, it really means nothing, but I will tell you this – we’re very, very encouraged by language in the order, not just suggesting, but basically finding that we’re correct in the application of the law and the facts in this matter,” Avenatti told CNN.

“Basically what the court has said is we have to wait for the president and Mr. Cohen to file their motion to compel arbitration and as soon as we do that, or as soon as they do that, we can refile this motion… And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

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Daniels and the Trump administration are entangled in multiple lawsuits. Earlier this week she sued Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, for defamation. She argued that he ruined her reputation both when he asked her to sign the agreement and when he spoke about it to reporters.

Avenatti is a crafty man. He’s been managing Daniels’ case extremely well. The president has been backed into a corner. His mouthpieces have denied the affair but he still hasn’t mentioned Daniels by name, a glaring omission in such a forthright leader.

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It would be ridiculous if President Trump survived everything the Democrats threw at him but crumbled because of Stormy Daniels. She’s proving to be a bigger threat than anticipated. The story refuses to die.

The entire scandal is a sideshow, a distraction from what’s really important.

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