Hijab Hair Model Steps Down From L'Oreal. Because of Her Antisemitism...

The hijab-wearing model L’Oreal hired for their hair product campaign took over headlines last week, and now it would appear that diversity hire didn’t end too well. Imagine our surprise.

If you need a refresher or didn’t catch the original story, it is worth checking out first, then coming back. See: L’Oreal Features Hijab-Wearing Model in ‘Game Changing’ ad Campaign To Promote Hair Products.

Apparently the hair-hiding dame just stepped down from the campaign. The reason why will definitely not shock you.

Amena here had a closet full of hijab-donning, anti-Israel skeletons. Her earlier tweets reveal a profound, obsessive hatred for all things Israeli. She blames them for regional tension, the death of children, terrorism, the usual.

So, advertising a hair product on hair stuffed underneath a hijab wasn’t the brightest marketing idea in itself.

But such trivialities mattered not to L’Oreal, because they intend to sell the idea of social justice. Diversity. The only problem? You can’t really sell “diversity” with the face of a Jew-hating antisemite. Kind of goes against the whole theme.

It’s almost as if hiring someone simply for the sake of filling a diversity quota isn’t great for business. At least, this story proves as much. Rather than investing in spokespeople who share L’Oreal’s “values,” the company was satisfied with plucking a random hijab. Unaware of the tumultuous prejudices tucked underneath its folds.

This is the risk businesses take when they use virtue signaling as a marketing tool. Firstly, it’s never enough to sate liberals. But, more importantly, these campaigns amount to nothing more than empty shells of moral statements.

Reminds me of a bunch of similar stories, unfortunately. See: Hijab Scissors ‘Attack’ Condemned By Trudeau, And Swept Through Canada, Was A Hoax, and Hustler’s Larry Flynt defends braless American flag hijab controversial anniversary cover.

They’re meaningless. After this Amena chick disappears, L’Oreal will just find another hijab to replace her. All for the sake of checking Muslim off the diversity list.

Virtue signaling is a crappy business strategy. Just ask every failed Democrat. Or the rampant sexual abuse, coverup, and ‘they knew all along’ that is taking place in Hollywood.

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